Water sports

The waters of Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta sea area are so transparent and clean that are ideal for diving and underwater exploration. In addition to that, Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta sea waters are suitable for sailing and ideal for the planning of sailing trips. Water bike, canoe, swimming and beach volley are only few of the beach activities that one can enjoy when going to the beach.


Due to being a coastal and sea-front area, Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta are really famous among the fishing fans. It is quite common for both local residents and tourists to spent their time productively by heading to the beach and use their fishing poles to catch fish. There are a lot of available shops to get your fishing kit, so visitors do not need to worry about bringing their own.


In case you are a nature and trekking lover, Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna are the ideal destination for you, since they are both located at the foothills of Mount Kerdyllia. Apart from the magic panoramic view, this natural piece de resistance allows its visitors to wander around, explore the natural area, discover natural sources, streams and rare species of plants and trees. The church of Saint George is built in the depths of the mountain enchanting visitors with its byzantine architecture. If you decide to take some rest and enjoy the surrounding green natural magic, a scouts kiosk located in the mountain, can host you during this small break.


The area has a well-organized cycling system. During your stay in Nea Vrasna, you can easily quit your car and replace it with a bike, since almost all cycling roads extent to a distance of 50 kilometers waterside. There are a lot of different routing variations. While the uphills and downhills range among 300 and 700 meters, all paths lead to the heart of Olympiada, Aristotle’s birth-place, and to the south sides of Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna.